An Interfaith Community Coalition

A brief history

Alameda All Faith Coalition builds relationships among people of different faiths so that they can go back to their individual communities, share what the needs are, and ask for their help.

Alameda is an island city in the San Francisco Bay right beside Oakland, California. With a population of 78,000, we have over 40 different faith groups and communities-- but a majority of people do not know each other across faith and cultural lines. There many needs in our community, and there is even more willingness to address those needs.

Our work started in 2014 around the issue of rising rent costs. The different faith communities were asked to start advocating on behalf of people in the community who had been marginalized around affordable housing and rents. AAFC came together to advocate for justice and equality.

Our coalition members work in subcommittees on issues they are passionate about: interfaith dialogues, affordable rents and housing, feeding our unhoused, guns in our communities, and caring in a time of environmental crisis.

We organize our first interfaith dialogue workshop in 2018 with a panel of four women from different spiritual backgrounds (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, LDS).

The City of Alameda even asked Alameda All Faiths to lead the Dine and Connect meal program. Through that collaboration, we bring a unique program to the Bay Area-- an opportunity for people to get a hot community meal and the services they need.

Alameda All Faiths Coalition uses food and conversation as a way to build trust and community with our Dine and Connect program.

Our future work includes getting temporary housing for people -- tiny homes, community cabins or navigation centers. This will make a direct impact on our homelessness rate in Alameda.

Alameda All Faiths Coalition - Dine and Connect meal program provides hot dinners, community and services for Alameda's unhoused and homeless residents in the city of Alameda, California.
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Building on a diverse community!

With new leadership and a strong coalition of members, we remain true to facilitating a broader conversation for a more connected and compassionate community.

To learn more or to get involved, contact us!

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